Sunday, 5 July 2009

the final part of the puzzle!

the empty headed bimbo is complete and ready to be hung!!!

i have used textured painsts, embossed metal and UTEE to complete this frame.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

shrine obsession

since spotting some rather fetching shrines at an online shop i have been obsessed with the idea of them. i have found a template to make a biggish one but in the meantime decided i needed to make one with what ever i could find - a very small matchbox, earring finding, bottle top and some metal! hope you like it.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

not sure why i bother !

i am pretty certain that this is never viewed by anyone but me but just in case someone looks and they are vaguely interested - part two of the massacre of barbie is complete! no metal involved for once! all the frame is done with the viva special effect paints to create texture and colour.

her head is next!

Sunday, 31 May 2009

been pretty busy htis weekend - crafting and cycling

have done quite a bit of cycling this weekend by the river - fab weather for it! tide was wrong for sailing so never got to the water - maybe next weekend?
this afternoon i noticed a cardboard tube containing some rather posh biccies that partner had brought home from a client. it just begged me to turn it into a pen holder for work. given my love for the sea i decided to go for the paper artsy sea theme and be really radical and use blue not black acrylics on it. (that is radical for me - i looooooooooooooove black!) not sure if i like it blue but if you dont try you dont find out! back to work tomorrow so probably no creations all week! blast it wont let me upload a piccie so i will try and add it later! ( if i remeber!)

metal matchbox - not metal mickey!

i made this recently at a class at the craft barn. its my first real foray into metal work and i am hooked! i made an embossing mat to decorate it and emboss the metal. there is also freestyle work on it. the aging was done with simple black acrylic paint. glimmer mists were used to colour the box.

i was so proud of this i oculdnt wait to get home and show it off!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

half term mania!

yeeha - i actually booked half term off and i have been quite industrious!

nicks and debs h set challenges on the do craft forum - an altered doll nad an altered frame. i started the doll and she was very naughty and her legs and head are in a box for naughty wont alter items that need revisiting! anyway i decided to combine the two challenges and hey presto! hope you like it! i took revenge on the pneumatic barbie and the result is here for you to see!

Monday, 25 May 2009

acrylic sample book

i really do need to learn how to take decent pictures! anyway thisis an acrylic sampe book. i have imaged bot the chip board and the acrylic so it will create two different pictures.
it just looks messy here but in real life(!) i am really chuffed with it - lots of textures.
i MUST take better pics - ok girrl start practising!