Sunday, 31 May 2009

been pretty busy htis weekend - crafting and cycling

have done quite a bit of cycling this weekend by the river - fab weather for it! tide was wrong for sailing so never got to the water - maybe next weekend?
this afternoon i noticed a cardboard tube containing some rather posh biccies that partner had brought home from a client. it just begged me to turn it into a pen holder for work. given my love for the sea i decided to go for the paper artsy sea theme and be really radical and use blue not black acrylics on it. (that is radical for me - i looooooooooooooove black!) not sure if i like it blue but if you dont try you dont find out! back to work tomorrow so probably no creations all week! blast it wont let me upload a piccie so i will try and add it later! ( if i remeber!)

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