Monday, 18 May 2009


I have been really busy working on an altered doll, a metal work class and trying my best to get the students through the exams so they can tak ethier university offers! Consequently despite having photos to put on here going all the way back to ally pally i have not managed it at all yet. I am hoping that half term week (i am actually NOT working for a change) will see me getting caught up with myself!
Ally Pally was excellent - not been to a show of those proportions before and I wasnt sure whether to go until i relaised that soem of the lovely people I wanted to meet would be there!. Everyone was amazingly welcoming and I was really chuffed to have gone. I also spent an absolute fortune - great fun doing so!
meanwhile - i shall pop back to work now from my break and do another extra support class for the little blighters! (whom i secretly adore but dont tell them!)
Hopefully next time there will be piccies going up!
Take care
Jane x

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