Saturday, 28 March 2009

How confusing!

Well having arrived here through looking at crafty critters work i have set up a blog and am totally confused! Who knows what will occur or whether I am typing this in vain. it is about time I got my act together and started crafting again. I had so much planned for this weekend but I have hurt my arm which makes it all slightly awkward! It also means the new bike hasnt come out today! Its like sods law - you wash the windows it rains, you buy a bike - you hurt your arm! So here I am web searching looking at ideas and getting back up to speed looking at suppliers etc. i hope to make stuff out of stuff i find knocking baout. In fact I really want to make it my misson to only get new stuuf like gesso etc .The rest i want to recycle. Lets see what happens. i have also started writing poetry lately - wonder if it could be incorporated into my work. Crikey, I sound like I am disappearing up my own derriere here! going to finish this now and do more hunting around for "stuff". Also fancy anotherlisten to the new Placebo track.So for now ...........tara


  1. Great blog!! Lots of fantastic stuff here already. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. just been to yours - love your profile pic - keep getting the owrk on there - i reckon you are as confident setting this up as me !!!