Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Naughty Magpies Nest

well....what a terrible photo (you live and learn!) this was an experimental piece trying out different skills. the orange piece on the left is a crisp packet that i shrunk with my heat gun. the film strips werw stamped onto acetate and mounted onto white card, there is even a crepe bandage (brushed over with a thick acrylic paint), a safety pin and even a scrap of fabric off some underwear. The backing card is waterford watercolour paper so it allowed layers of colour to be dragged over it and wiped back giving a lovley texture. the theme for this was a birds nest. i had a naughty magpie in my mind who collected anything it saw hence the eclectic mix of goodies within!...........................


  1. Well hello!
    I have a blog too...will spread the word about yours
    Its a great way to looseyourself

    Im impressed with your work already

    Hugs xx

  2. mwah mwah - have finally managed to get into your blog - is enchanted occassiosn the name of your business?

  3. Oh sorry I didnt see this reply
    Yes it is hunnie