Saturday, 28 March 2009

A very unusual Valentine

This is different for a Valentine - my partner adored it as did many friends but equally many found it took a while to make as again it is a project with many processes. It started off as a grotty piece of yellow card with was gessoed and then i glued on a layer of paper and when it was wet tore some of it back randomly. I did this with 4 layers. This exposed under layers and created a lot of texture. Each layer was painted a slighlty different shade and stamped before being pasted on. (confused?!). I then scrunched up tissue paper and then smoothed it out and glued it on randomly - again to create texture. i then stampedover it - the fact that the texture was there made the stamping better as it broke up and wasnt all neat and
tidy and crisp. I loved doing this - lots of messing and not knowing quite how it was going to move forward.....


  1. No wonder he loved it. Matthew would have done if I had made him one LOL

  2. Well rob shouldnt get too excited i dont really believe on valentines - far too cynical but one thing is for sure i love him ever day